Does Your Attitude Support Sales?


Does Your Attitude Support Sales?

describe the image"Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it."  - Lou Holtz

What seperates top producing sales people from the rest of the pack?  Do they have better sales skill?  More talent? Do they build relationships faster?  Ask better questions? Are they great presenters? Stronger at prospecting?  All of the above?

Of course all of these things help, but in our experience the single most important factor that seperates successful, highly productive sales people from everyone else is their attitude.  If the first thing a customer buys is you - the sales person - and your attitude sucks it's going to be terribly difficult to get them engaged and excited about your product or service. 

A great attitude can make up for a lot.  In our sales coaching business we have seen many sales people with what might otherwise be fatal flaws - poor organizational skills, lack of follow up, little to no technical or product knowledge, inappropriate timing and other sales weaknesses - succeed in sales because they have a great attitude.  They bring a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious and makes clients want buy from them.  Imagine how well they do once we help them acquire stronger sales skills and use a better selling system?

On the other hand, a bad attitude can destroy profit and revenue faster than you can imagine.  We have seen sales people with all the right skills and technical knowledge absolutely flop because they have a horrible attitude.  And while a great attitude is contagious, it seems a bad attitude can spread even faster.

How is your attitude toward sales?  Do you have the passion and enthuiasm to effectively transfer emotion and get your prospects as excited about your product and service as you are?  Do you look forward to sales meetings and coaching sessions with your manager?  Are you upbeat and positive no matter who you're talking to?  Do you have a positive outlook and do you see the impact that has on those around you?

If you can say yes to these questions you're probably off to a great start this year.  If you find yourself rolling your eyes as you read these questions, you may still be off to a good start this year, but it's probably inspite of what you've done instead of because of what you've done.
Your attitude is your choice.  And every day you get a new opportunity to make better choices.  Good selling!