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Intelligent Conversations helps you build and coach a sales team that will help you drive remarkable revenue growth

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With powerful strategic partnerships and a unique learning and coaching program, Intelligent Conversations provides a holistic approach to developing sales teams and processes. Our Intelligent Sales Growth, or ISG, Program drives real change and sustained success.

Together we can transform the way you sell through incremental, continuous changes - giving you results that stick and a team that sticks around.

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Step Into a Better Sales Team

pipeline speed

Greater Pipeline Speed

Not just moving sales through the pipeline faster for better [win to close] ratios, but also moving better talent through your candidate pipeline for stronger, more durable sales teams.

closable deals

Better Win Ratio and Closable Deals

Hone in on your ideal client, focus on the customer problems you can solve, and impact profits with more deals closed.

motivated teams

More Motivated and Higher Performing Sales Teams

Sharpen key sales competencies. Through learning and coaching, expose and nurture team beliefs that encourage motivation and engagement.

How We Fix It

Step 1: Collect and Assess

Understand your business environment, goals, competencies, and processes.

Step 2: Coach and Develop

Develop key sales competencies, nurture talent, hire the right people, coach the team, and raise the performance bar.

Step 3: Refine and Repeat

Never stop improving! Implement better sales processes and build an environment that uses coaching and development to sustain the sales results you want and the sales team you deserve.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...


"Mike single-handedly solved my sales gap. Today I approach sales with a confidence I never knew I had."

Keith Upkes
Success Lead at Metronome United

"Mike is a true sales professional, coach, and teacher. His clear and relatable style translates into actionable steps to begin implementing into your business."

Glen Dall
Business Coach and Advisor at Apex North Coaching

"Relying heavily on Mike's methodologies and concepts, we grew from $62 million to $92 million with strong margins."

Scott Pickett
President of GTH
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Avoid Job Posting Clichés
Intelligent Conversations is not a salesperson recruiting company.  We teach companies a different way to recruit stronger salespeople. I've...

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