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Before Intelligent Conversations: Inacurate pipelines, deals not closing, slow ramp up, hiring mistakes, slow progress, wrong people for roles, missing quota, disjointed process and inconsistent message. After Intelligent Conversations: your revenue’s increasing, sales leaders are having a positive impact, reps are grooving, progress is clear and a sense of growth + reliability sets in.


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Typical problems B2B CEOs and Sales Leaders have


"We're not getting enough new business."

"We lack an effective sales process."

"Our results are inconsistent and our forecasts are unreliable."

"Our margins are terrible."

"Our hiring results are inconsistent."

Does this sound like you?

What B2B CEOs and Sales Leader say when working with us


"Our business is growing at a steady clip and if it slows we know what to look for."

"We have a consistent sales process that provide predictable results."

"Our forecasts are accurate and reliable."

"We're getting higher margins and we've stopped discounting."

"We"re attracting top talent and we're more confident in our hiring selections. New hires are meeting or exceeding expectations."

Do you want to sound like that?

The four questions every business leader must ask.

Can we be more effective with our sales?
How much more effective can we be?
What will it take to accomplish that?
How long with it take to accomplish that?
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Your concerns come down to having the right sales strategies and the team to execute them right.

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Head of HR, Talent Specialists

Your concerns come down to hiring the right fit for every position

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Your concerns come down to your success and how you contribute to your company's success

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Sales Force Evaluation Checklist when to analyse a sales force

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