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Intelligent Sales Growth

Best for individuals and teams.

per month


  • Sales Evaluations for each team member
  • Individual Learning Tracks
  • Online Courses
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls (salespeople)
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls (sales managers)
  • Monthly Owners-Only Calls (CEOs, Presidents, business owners)
  • Call Archive – group calls are archived, so they are available if you need to miss one or want to review something.
The Intelligent Sales Growth program is designed for sales teams who have completed a custom sales transformation program and smaller sales teams looking for high-impact development for a more modest investment. Our Intelligent Sales Growth program leverages data, online courses, individual learning tracks, and group coaching sessions for salespeople and sales managers to drive sales growth and install new skills and habits. We work with your salespeople and managers on an ongoing basis. We build on a solid foundation based on sound theory and follow up with role-playing, examples, problem-solving, tactics, strategy, and real-world examples.
*Pricing: $1500/month plus a one-time fee of $600/salesperson to do an evaluation (up to 5 team members, $300/person/month for team members six and beyond).

Accountability Coaching

Best for individuals and teams.

per month


  • Weekly one-on-one Coaching with certified sales coaches
  • Ad-hoc calls as needed
  • 3-6 month duration
For salespeople who need additional coaching support, new hires who need to ramp up quickly, and experienced sales veterans who need to be challenged, one of our certified sales coaches will work one-on-one through weekly coaching and ad-hoc calls as needed. Typically this additional coaching lasts 3-6 months, designed to go hand-in-hand with either our Custom Sales Transformation Program or our Intelligent Sales Growth program. We set high expectations for salespeople and sales managers participating in this program, which drives remarkable results. 

Sales Hiring

Best for organizations

per recruiting project


  • Express Screen License - With the Express Screen License, you get two main options. One where you receive sales hiring coaching and support and another where Intelligent Conversations handles the process for you. *Pricing: $3,000 annual license fee & setup, plus $1,000 per sales position hire.
  • STAR Hiring System
  • Turnkey Recruiting Support
Hiring salespeople is one of the more challenging positions in any organization. Typically a mediocre salesperson can run circles around your best recruiter – even average salespeople are fast on their feet and can easily navigate through the interview process, and can tell a great story about the impact they will make at your company. And then, six months later, you find yourself wondering what went wrong. Worse, you may look hopefully at the opportunities in their pipeline and rationalize keeping them around "just a little bit longer" to see if they can succeed. There's a better way. Let us help you.
**Pricing: $20,000 for a sales position, a sales manager $30,000, and a Sales VP $40,000 and up.

Custom Sales Transformation Program

Best for organizations

per year


  • Sales Leadership Development: To help sales managers develop the skills and habits needed for effective coaching, motivation, accountability, pipeline management, leadership, and strategy.
  • Sales Curriculum based on Dave Kurlan's best-selling book Baseline Selling. This simple, straightforward sales process uses a baseball diamond to provide clear milestones in an easy-to-remember, intuitive process. It is highly actionable and easy to customize to YOUR sales environment.
  • Individual Learning Tracks: To address opportunities for growth among the 21 core competencies that drive sales and sales management success. This unique "micro-learning" approach takes less than 15 minutes per week and is designed for busy salespeople who need to grow and develop with ruthless efficiency.
  • Sales Coaching: Provided as ongoing, one-on-one, or in small groups to ensure the practical application of the new skills and habits. We work with your salespeople and managers on an ongoing basis. We build on a solid foundation based on sound theory and follow up with role-playing, examples, problem-solving, tactics, strategy, and real-world examples.
  • Sales Recruiting and Onboarding: Improvements to help build a talent pipeline that reinforces a culture of accountability and eliminates acceptance of mediocrity on your sales team.
  • Blended Learning: Dependant on your team's configuration, the timeline for change, how distributed they are geographic, your sales managers' ability to coach and reinforce the development, and other factors, we will recommend a training and coaching rhythm that may combine live, in-person workshops, live, virtual workshops, individual or small group coaching, self-paced online courses, and individual learning tracks.
  • Checkpoint Feedback: Gathered about 12 months into the program to measure improvement and review development priorities.
If you are committed to doing whatever it takes to transform your sales organization and get the sales team you deserve, a generic, one-size-fits-all sales program will not cut it. 

We start with data, conducting a detailed Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis that helps us prioritize where to focus first as we work with you to build a custom program. Our transformation process typically takes about six (6) to eight (8) quarters.

*Pricing: Approximately $60,000 to $150,000 per company per year, depending on scope, pace of change, and team size.

Hear what our past clients have had to say about working with us:


Mike Carroll is much more than a sales coach – his work has had a massive impact on our entire company and on me as a leader. Mike has been instrumental in helping us build our sales leadership team and a sales infrastructure that has helped us grow revenue at a level we never thought possible. With Mike’s guidance, we continue to make incremental improvements that drive top and bottom-line growth.

Greg Rosenblatt
Chief Operating Officer, Stark Carpet, New York, New York

Mike is that rare consultant who we actually came to view as a vital TEAM member. Over the years he has shared his expertise teaching and helping us to hire, qualify, manage, and develop our sales team, sales processes, and training platforms. 

Harry Moulopoulos
Partner, Vice President of Sales, Packaging Solutions Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As CMO and EVP of Business Development, I used Mike’s coaching and input to grow that company by a 49% CAGR for 12 years running. We started at $10 million in annual revenue and grew to $1.2 billion. I then went on to become CEO of a healthcare start up and with Mike’s input as my coach was able to grow that company from zero to $20 million in less than three years. And currently I am President of a telecom services company and last year, relying heavily on Mike’s methodologies and concepts, we grew from $62 million to $93 million with strong margins.

Scott Pickett
President, GTH, Dallas, Texas

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