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We are sales-focused and strive to create meaningful impact for our clients, our team, and our community

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Not Just Another Consultant 

You don't need just another consultant. If you're here it's because you need someone who can act as an extension of your existing team. Provide answers you don't have, and align with your business to help you implement the solutions that will take you to the next level.

Sales and Business Coaches

Clients work with our sales and business coaches because they need answers to tough questions. Our coaches help to establish a baseline for where you’re at today, build a plan to get you where you’d like to be in the near future, and implement proven strategies to continue growing long into the future. Everything we do is customized and tailored to your exact needs. Our coaches become an extension of your team that you can call on to help with your toughest of business and sales challenges.


Mike Carroll

Founder and Managing Partner

As the founder and managing partner of Intelligent Conversations, Mike brings more than 27 years of sales and marketing experience to your team. He has worked hands-on with senior executives, sales leaders, and salespeople to change behaviors, grow new skills, and increase value through proven methodologies that create tangible results. Mike’s expertise consists of a wide range of industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, software, and financial services, including commercial and small business banking.

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Accountability Coaches

Your accountability coach can play one of two roles. Some of our clients need someone they can rely on to help coach their sales leaders to deal with the difficult situations they face on a regular basis. Other clients have reached a point where they need a sales manager, but either lack the funds or have yet to find the right individual to fill the role. Your accountability coach can help fill that gap by managing the individual coaching that promotes continuous growth, elevating your team to that next level where exceptional teams build strong, predictable pipelines that increase sales and your bottom line.


Jack Madderom

Accountability Coach

Jack brings your team the experience of a President and CEO of multiple companies within the construction and material and ready-mix concrete market. His expertise in the world of sales lends himself greatly to serving as a head sales coach for many of our clients. As someone with years of hands-on knowledge, Jack is able to offer excellent one-on-one troubleshooting for any real world scenario your sales teams and sales leaders may be experiencing.


Hunter Byington

Accountability Coach

Hunter brings your team over 33 years of sales coaching and training experience. Hunter was one of the early trainers and coaches with both David Sandler and Dave Kurlan. Hunter's expertise spans over a diverse range of industries, such as computer consulting, corporate security, medical, printing, distribution, financial, manufacturing and leasing. Hunter brings the experience of improving sales hiring, sales process, on-going training, coaching, and management.


Our Core Values

Driving Growth

We are focused on driving revenue, personal, and professional growth for our clients, our team, and our community.

Always Curious

We are always curious and never satisfied. We seek consistent improvement over time and we want to learn continuously -- from each other, from customers, from reading books, attending conferences, as well as speaking with and listening to other experts.

Make it Happen

We have a bias for action. We are creative, inspired and passionate integrators. We pull together the best ideas, practices, solutions, technologies, approaches, and methodologies to "make it happen" for our teammates and our clients.

Deliver "Wow"

We always look for opportunities to go the extra mile, do more than we're asked, and deliver "wow" for our teammates and our clients.

Do the Right Thing

We operate with high integrity and will to do the right thing in all our dealings. We respect other people’s intellectual property, and always look for ways to add value and build win/win relationships.

Lean On The Experts

You don’t have to do it alone. Our team of experts is waiting to help you.

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