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CEO, Owner

Your concerns come down to top line and bottom line.

In the sales department alone, the list of variables influencing these two numbers is tremendous.
Whether it's your share holders, your board, your executive team, or your own high standards, at the end of the day the results you and your team put forth are the yard stick by which you are measured.
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Sales Leader

Your concerns come down to having the right sales strategies and the team to execute them right.

You lead the greatest department of any organization designed to compete in the competitive world of business. It's a heavy burden and one that comes with a whole series of questions.  
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Head of HR

Your concerns come down to hiring the right fit for every position

A perfect fit for the sales department isn't the same as for the finance department, although there needs to be a fit accross the board on core values and culture.
Cracking the code of perfect fit when it comes to sales leadership, sales management, and sales comes with a lot of questions.

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Sales Star

Your concerns come down to your success and how you contribute to your company's success

Elite salespeople are those who continually strive to get better, improve themselves, grow and learn even more.
Sales for you is equal parts art and science and you understand that what you do or don't do is the single most predictable factor for your success, but you're not there yet. 

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