Make changes, that stick.

Intelligent Conversations is more than just a sales consulting firm - it’s your partner in solving problems. Teams that work with Intelligent Conversations grow their revenue faster and with scalability. They hire better and improve their sales culture. And they’re far more capable than before. Here’s how Intelligent Conversations makes it happen.



It's just that. We collect an intense amount of data on your team, the selling environment, your strategies, and your systems and processes.



Now that we have the data, we perform a root cause analysis to determine what's preventing you from reaching your goals and objectives.



Based on the data, we tailor our approach to meet you and your team where you're at today and provide a direct path to future success.



There's no such thing as a quick fix and we're not here to pump up the crowd. We are in this together every step of the way.



Is your market stagnant? Is your business? No. Good, cause neither are we.

Inside every project; all the tools teams need to get work done.

Sales Team Evaluations 

Got questions?
Get answers!

Candidate Assessments

Will the individual meet or exceed quota? Sales specific answers for sales specific hires.

Sales Hiring Process

All the best hiring practices rolled up into one succinct process.

Sales Leadership

Reach the next level, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started.

Sales Process

Want to improve or need a time tested and proven one to follow?

Accountability Coaching

Too small to afford a sales manager but still in need of one? We've got you covered!

Sales Mindset

Overcome the fundamental sales DNA issues that hold salespeople back.

Foundational Selling Skills

The foundational skills and tactics to succeed in sales.

Advanced Selling Skills

You have established a solid foundation, now it's time to really see where you can take things!

Every project and process is tailor fit to your selling environment; Sales Team Evaluations, Candidate Assessments, Sales Hiring Process, Sales Leadership, Sales Process, Accountability Coaching, Sales Mindset, Foundational Selling Skills and Advanced Selling Skills. We help you to focus on the ones you need and avoid wasting time, money and resources on the ones you don't. We learn from you and help you to integrate the vital components into your existing strategies and processes to make them uniquely your own.
How it's better: Not starting with a root cause analysis is inefficient at best; total chaos at worst. Goals and objectives get missed, sales continue to flounder, hiring mistakes continue to occur, etc. Intelligent Conversations eliminates all of those issues by meeting you where you're at and tailoring our solutions to you. It’s a direct route to sales success.

Find out how much more effective you can be and what it will take to get you there.


An essential part of every sales transformation is knowing where you are now, where you'd like to be, and what it will take to get you there. Intelligent Conversations makes it easy to see the big picture and the minute details. Whether you're the Head Honcho, the Sales Leader, a Talent Guru, or a Sales Superstar looking to reach the next level, Intelligent Conversations has you covered.


CEOs and Owners

We work with a lot of executives who tell us sales is the one area within their business with unpredictable reliability. Get the answers to your toughest sales questions and find out more on how we help head honcho's to focus on the areas most important for them.
Discover More.



Most of the sales leaders we work with got to where they are because they're great salespeople, but unfortunately the position doesn’t come with an owners manual. We've got an adaptable playbook that molds to you, fits your unique style and helps you reach your next level.
Reach the Next Level.


Head of HR

A lot of the talent guru's we work with are frustrated with the difficulty of getting sales hiring right. There are a number of reasons that sales hiring requires a different approach and a team effort. While we can't eliminate every misfire we can help you ensure 9 out of 10 are wildly successful.
How Else Can We Help?


Sales Teams

Are you crushing quota but still hungry to reach the next level. Whether you're some that’s aspiring to get into sales management or just looking to up your game in general we'll tailor fit a program based on where you're at today and where you'd like to be.
Accelerate Your Growth!

"Am I getting a return on my investment?"


A number of companies we work with have expressed frustration in not knowing if previous trainings or programs have paid off. Has their sales system truly improved or have they wasted their investment?

How it's better: Our clients don't have that problem. We don't just promise results. We prove it! Because we collect data at the start of our process we provide you with Checkpoints that measure the results we promise to deliver.