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What B2B CEOs and Sales Leaders Say When Working With Us


"We have a consistent sales process that provide predictable results."

CEO of Manufacturing Company

"Our business is growing at a steady clip and if it slows we know what to look for."

Software Company Sales Director

"We're attracting top talent and we're more confident in our hiring selections. New hires are meeting or exceeding expectations."

VP of Sales

"We're getting higher margins and we've stopped discounting."

Tech Company Sales Leader

"Our forecasts are accurate and reliable."

CEO of Software Company
Mike Carroll 28 WEB

Mike Carroll is the founder & managing partner of Intelligent Conversations. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, he's learned a lot about dysfunctional organizations. Through various senior sales and sales management positions, he developed a passion for fixing sales systems. Over the years he's helped fill thousands of sales positions across all different industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, software and financial services.