As the Head of HR you're responsible for ensuring the individuals you hire are representative of your companies high standards, supportive of your companies mission and a solid fit for your culture and core values. Like other talent guru's we work with you can probably look around your company, look at all the positions you've staffed and be extremely proud of people you've found, put into the positions and the great work their doing, but why can't I have the same success with the sales force?

  • Why aren’t we attracting better candidates?
  • What's different about hiring for sales and what changes should we be making to our process?
  • Why can a candidate sound great, look great, and act great during an interview and have such in consistent results once in the position?
  • Are the tests and assessments we're using providing us with the accuracy and predictive results we need?
  • What gaps do we have in our hiring process and how can we shore up those areas?
  • What training do the sales managers need to ensure they're doing their part to get the hiring right?
  • How can we build a bench of candidates so we're not held hostage by underperformers?
  • Why isn't our onboarding more effective for salespeople and what needs to change?
  • Can we make hiring top performing salespeople a repeatable process?
  • What do we need to do to eliminate miss hires?
  • How can we improve the turnover within the salesforce?

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  • Sales Mindset and DNA programs
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