You lead the greatest department of any organization designed to compete in the competitive world of business. When the company grows, you're the unsung hero leading the charge, ensuring the strategies are executed to perfection, and charging into battle with your team. When things are down, you're the one everyone turns to to increase sales so the company can get back on track. It's a heavy burden and one the comes with a whole series of questions:

  • Are my sales managers and salespeople executing the strategies the way they're designed?
  • Are the teams capable of executing the strategies?
  • Do I have the right people in the right roles?
  • Do our systems and processes support a high-performance sales organization?
  • Are we being consistent with our sales process?
  • Can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?
  • Are my sales managers doing what's necessary to improve their teams?
  • What's it going to take to consistently upgrade our team?
  • How can we attract and hire better candidates?
  • How can we onboard and ramp up our sales hires faster?
  • Can we shorten our sales cycle?
  • Is our messaging consistent?
  • Has our training been effective and what has to change to improve our results?
  • Why aren't we meeting with actual decision makers?
  • Why aren't we generating more new business?
How Intelligent Conversations help sales leaders succeed

How we help sales leaders like you

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We design tailored programs, help you implement structured processus, and develop your sales organization to get the growth you target.  

  • Sales Leadership programs
  • Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis
  • Sales Infrastructure
  • Sales Process design and implementation
  • Sales Recruitement  (STAR - Sales Talent Acquisition Routine)