Night + day.

We asked our clients what life was like before working with Intelligent Conversations.
And how their business has improved after Intelligent Conversations. Wow, what a difference.

Before working with Intelligent Conversations.


Head Honcho's, Sales Leaders, Talent Guru's and Sales Super Stars told us:

"We're not getting enough new business."
"There's not enough of a sales culture."
"We're not growing fast enough."
"We're not able to scale the sale force."
"We're not sure if we have the right salespeople."
"Deals aren't closing when they're forecast to close."
"The percentage of opportunities that actually close is much lower than it should/could be."
"We lack an effective sales process."
"Our sales process is ineffective/incomplete/non-existent."
"Our new salespeople don't ramp up as fast as we need them to/as fast as they should."
"We have too much turnover."
"We have too little turnover."
"Some of my salespeople have become complacent."
"Our sales managements been ineffective."
"Our managers don't seem to be aligned with the strategies I'm trying to implement."
"Sales has an excuse for everything. It's the market, it's the competitions, it's ops, etc."
"Our competition is stealing our market share when we should be taking theirs."
"Our results are inconsistent and our forecasts are unreliable."

"We know they need training we just don't know what."

"We don't get enough candidates."

"We don't see enough "A" players."

"We struggle to find "A" players."

"Our hiring results are inconsistent."

"You can't find good people anymore."

"We have a technical sale, you have to either come from our business/industry to sell in our market."

"Our margins are terrible."

"Salespeople are discounting or giving it away."


After working with Intelligent Conversations.

Head Honcho's, Sales Leaders, Talent Guru's and Sales Super Stars told us:
"Our business is growing at a steady clip and if it slows we know what to look for."
"The sales cultures improving and we're weeding out the non-performers."
"We know the right selection, onboarding and training necessary to scale effectively."
"We have the right people in the right roles."
"Our forecasts are accurate and reliable."
"We have a consistent sales process that provide predictable results."
"Our sales messaging in consistent within the market."
"Our use of technology was spiritic at best, now our technology is aligned to support the sales organization and there's no wasted effort."
"Our turnover problem is solved. We’re now attracting better quality candidates and building a solid bench for future positions."
"The complacencies gone. Our salespeople are hungry, growing and learning every month."
"Our sales managers are becoming better coaches and improving their teams as a result."
"Our sales managers are coaching the teams to development as opposed to just fixing their problems and allowing the issues to surface again in the future."
"We have greater alignment between sales and all other departments."
"We've stopped accepting excuses and as a result more sales are being made and sales people are taking responsibility to either close the sale or learn what more could've been done."
"Our salespeople are driving the market conversations - the competition reacts to us now."
"Sales managers are focused on building and developing their teams rather than putting out fires."
"Our salespeople are selling more consultatively and solving more of our customers problems."
"We know where and when to invest in our teams and which investments will yield the greatest returns."
"We're attracting top talent and the sales hiring process has automated much of the sales recruiting process. We're more confident in our hiring selections and new hires are exceeding expectations."
"We're getting hire margins and we've stopped discounting."

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