Call Insights

$395/company/month includes first 4 users, then $35/user/month for each additional user

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• Training on how to use the platform

• Unlimited recording and analysis

• Analyze calls, demos and meetings

• AI Insights into every conversation

• Call Radar – search to find best conversations to coach or analyze

• Profile and time-stamp key moments through AI

• Deliver time-stamped text, audio or video coaching feedback

• Customer scorecards and reporting

• Share key moments and/or calls

• Build a best practice library with key calls and moments

• Identify top performer traits

• Compare team members and track progress

Coaching as a Service

$695/company/month includes first 4 users, then $95/user/month for each additional user

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• Everything from Intelligent Conversations – Call Insights, plus:

• One Sales Conversation per salesperson reviewed, marked up, and graded by a certified Intelligent Conversations sales coach. Includes time-stamped feedback identifying key coachable moments and opportunities for improvement.

• One Video Scenario Challenge per month for team members to gamify real-life moments and sales situations to help you understand how they would respond, to highlight coaching opportunities, to identify missed opportunities, to ensure consistency and to share best practices and ideas that will drive successful outcomes.

• One 45-minute Group Coaching Session to walk through some of the successes as well as some of the opportunities for improvement uncovered by the call reviews and video scenario challenges to focus the team on continuous improvement.