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Our consulting practice is focused on helping companies implement proven systems that drive revenue growth and improve talent attraction, selection, and retention. 


Grow Revenue. Maximize Talent.


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What are the two biggest stress factors for leaders at growth companies?

  1. 1. Driving consistent, predictable sales growth
  2. 2. Getting the right people on the bus to support growth

Intelligent Conversations is a management consulting firm focused on helping companies grow.  We do that by focusing on these two key areas – helping companies drive consistent, predictable, scaleable revenue growth and helping companies maximize their talent. We focus on these two key functions because if you get either one of these areas wrong it’s impossible to grow beyond the capabilities (sheer will, brute force, unbounded determination) of the founders.

Results Focused Approach 

Intelligent Conversations helps Presidents, CEOs, and business owners who are frustrated by stalled or slow revenue growth, low margins, detrimental hiring mistakes, high employee turnover, and other areas that impact growth.  We do this by focusing on two critical areas:

  • We transform sales organizations
  • We maximize talent acquisition and development

When leaders get these two crucial areas dialed in they can count on consistent and predictable revenue growth.  When leaders get either one wrong it’s nearly impossible to grow beyond their own capabilities and they remain stuck where they are.

There’s a reason so many CEOs turn to Intelligent Conversations to grow revenue - we get results. 

Intelligent Conversations helps identify your sales potential and avoid costly mistakes from hiring underperformers.

We transform sales organizations and maximize talent aquisition and development 

When you work with Intelligent Conversations, you get results. Ask us how.