Building An Over-Achieving Sales Team - Outlook & Attitude


Building An Over-Achieving Sales Team - Outlook & Attitude

sales attitude, building an over-achieving sales team, ceo sales guide, Intelligent Conversations, hiring a sales superstar, Milwaukee business consultant, happy, emotion, transfer emotions, sell more, b2b sales, sales win, Attitude, HappyTake a moment to write down the last time you made a major purchase from someone you didn't like. It's difficult because we tend to buy from people we like and who make us feel good.  We buy on an emotional level and then rationalize our buying decisions with logic.  In other words, sales is about transferring emotion.  So the sales people on your team who can effectively transfer emotion and get a potential buyer as enthusiastic about your product or service as they are will sell more.

But your sales people can't fake a positive outlook or a great attitude.  It has to be genuine.  If they don't like their job or their boss or your company or your industry.... if they don't truly believe in your product or that your solution is really the best option for the buyer, it won't work.  The people who buy your product or service will see right through fake enthusiasm and insincere excitement.  Bad attitudes and negative outlooks on your sales team will cost your company serious money.

If you want to build an over-achieving sales team, start by establishing a "No Excuses" culture.  Also make sure your sales hiring process can screen out the people with a negative outlook or a bad attitude.  There are ways to do this in the interview process, but to be sure we recommend using the Dave Kurlan sales screen for every sales hiring decision.  Its accuracy and predictive value is legendary.  To learn more just download his white paper.  Or better yet if you're in the Milwaukee area you can see Dave Kurlan live at the Milwaukee Athletic Club on Wednesday, March 30 at 7:30 am.

Systematically hire sales people with a great outlook and a positive attitude and you will be on your way to building an over-achieving sales team.