Are You Missing this Sales Secret?


Are You Missing this Sales Secret?

Why do some sales professionals convert more business than others? What do they do in their sales process that other sales people miss? If you're feeling the pressure to increase your sales production in this challenging economy, you've probably been told again and again to set more appointments. But not all sales appointments are created equally. If you're just setting meetings for the sake of getting in front of people, you're probably not generating enough business and may be in danger of losing your job!

What can you do differently? Here's an easy move that will help you test the commitment level of a prospective buyer before you sit down with them.

Obviously the goal of your prospecting efforts should be to find potential buyers who have problems you might be able to solve. When you find such a problem in your initial conversation, simply ask:

• Is that a problem?
• Do you want to fix it?
• When would you like to invite me in so we can find out if we can help you?

When they agree to a meeting and you've set the date and time, take it one step further and give them a homework assignment to complete before you meet. This does three really important things that will improve the quality of your appointments:

•First, if they balk at having to "do some work" before you meet with them it gives you a pretty clear signal that they're not that serious about fixing the problem. And you can call them on it by saying something such as "I guess this isn't that important to you. Does it still make sense for us to meet?" If they're not serious about fixing the problem, why waste your valuable time meeting with them?

•Second, when they agree to complete your assignment they'll be more focused and prepared for your first meeting. This will make your sales calls far more productive.

•And third, the homework assignment can really help the prospective buyer get clear about the problem you want to discuss and the impact it's having on their business. Again, this will increase your success and will make your sales calls far more productive.


If you are truly serious about increasing your sales productivity, you must confront the harsh reality that you may be wasting your time with ineffective sales calls with prospects who are not serious about getting your help. Give your prospects a quick assignment to complete before you meet with them and watch your sales results soar to a whole new level. Why not try this secret when you set your next sales appointment?