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When you work with Intelligent Conversations, the value of your business will increase because our consulting practice is focused on helping companies implement proven systems that drive revenue growth and improve talent attraction, selection, and retention.  There’s a reason so many companies turn to Intelligent Conversations for help with revenue development.  We get results.

Every business valuation model includes some form of revenue generation as the primary driver.  Whether it’s a multiple of gross revenue, trailing revenue, EBITDA, or net income it all comes back to revenue.  Companies that create predictable, consistent and sustainable revenue with strong margins are more valuable, no matter what valuation model you use.  And beyond revenue, nearly every business valuation model also include factors for the people and systems as secondary value drivers.  In other words, companies that can effectively attract, select and retain top talent for every available position will be more valuable than companies that rely on good luck and the instincts of key hiring managers.  And companies that have implemented solid systems – whether for sales, talent selection, coaching, accountability, or operations – will be more valuable than companies that rely on the strengths of their founders or top managers.


Why Us? 

Data Driven Approach

Our first step is to complete a comprehensive evaluation of your people, systems, and strategies to establish a baseline of where you are today and what needs to improve to drive growth. Then together we will agree upon a custom approach to improve your business.

Proven Systems

We help you implement proven systems – for recruiting better talent, for producing consistent results, for building stronger sales leaders, for delivering better customer service, and more – that produce sustainable, repeatable, and predictable growth.

Built to Last

We want to help you build an overachieving, self-sustaining organization for the long run.


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