Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis

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This report is presented in several sections;

  • Introduction – Answers to define your opportunity, understand the possibilities for future growth and predict how much more business your salespeople can produce.
  • People and Skills– Answers to questions about performance, skill gaps, and your personnel.
  • Infrastructure – Answers to questions about strategies, alignment, systems and processes.
  • Development and Training – Answers to What to Focus on, who to develop, and a plan for the next 12 months.
  • In Closing – Reasonable Expectations for the future.

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An Analysis of the Sales Force is no easy task. We review, analyze and presente our results as answers to approximately 25 very difficult to answer business questions.

We support our answers with accurate and insightful data, based on answers to the questions we presented to your sales organization.

And our data is all validated for accuracy against our vast database of past sales, sales management and sales leadership assessments.