A Conversation with Thorsten Wienss

President, Trace-A-Matic Corporation


From its state-of-the-art facilities in metro Milwaukee and now Houston, Trace-A-Matic Corp. creates high-quality machined parts and assemblies for manufacturers in diverse industries -- including aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals, mining, printing and more. The company's 160+ employees use the latest technologies and tools to fabricate parts as small as the hand or as large as an entire automobile.

Industry: Machine Manufacturing

Challenge: Capture new business by widening the sales team's focus, establishing new disciplines for successful lead generation, follow-through and closing.

Programs Enrolled In: 18 month Sales Force Development Program and STAR Hiring


Once limited to a small slice of the Midwest, Trace-A-Matic now sells to manufacturers across the nation and the globe. The sales team has embraced practices that support growth and customer diversification, two of the company's most critical goals.


Thorsten's Statement

“We’ve been in business since 1968, when a tracer lathe was cutting-edge technology! Staying ahead of the curve has always been key. We recruited sales reps from within, believing that great customer care was the only thing that mattered. But the recent economic downturn handed us a difficult lesson.

When orders from existing customers shrank, it wasn't because they were dissatisfied. Everyone's business was off. The market was telling us we needed to add new customers and fast, but we hadn't been disciplined about filling that pipeline. 

Mike worked closely with me, our sales manager and the individual reps to begin changing the way we viewed the sales process. Results didn't come overnight; we needed in-depth training, practice and tools for accountability. But when I saw the sales rep who had been struggling the most emerge as our #1 generator of new quotes, I realized we'd turned a corner. 

Before we began with Mike, we were content to serve customers within a 200-mile radius. Now we're working with manufacturers all over the map. Our world has literally gotten bigger as the result of the skills we've gained."


Thorsten Wienss

President, Trace-A-Matic   

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