Intelligent Conversations helps identify your sales potential, assess your sales team, and avoid costly mistakes from hiring underperformers. We improve your sales management while reducing costs with proven methods that deliver these kinds of results:

Realize your full sales potential in an uncertain economic environment. More than 20,000 companies have used our sales team assessment tool to uncover a potential sales increase of 85 percent on average. For example, a company with $10 million in annual revenues typically has the potential to grow to $18.5 within 12-18 months of working with Intelligent Conversations on sales force development. 

Hire the right sales people by using the pre-employment assessment from Intelligent Conversations. See how you can retain 95 percent of new sales hires and make 92 percent of those new hires your top sales performers.

Avoid costly mistakes in sales hiring and management. Hiring the wrong salesperson or sales manager can cost your company an average of $379,000 per hire (even if they stay longer than 6 months). We show you how to keep from making expensive errors in judgment and how to identify and assess underperformers quickly.


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