Gazelle's International

Mike serves as a strategic partner and advisor for Gazelle's International Coaches.  

Gazelle's provides executive education, coaching and technology services to help mid-market companies around the world build and execute a strategic plan.  Gazelle's provides executive education through live events and online seminars , focused on issues related to strategic planning. 


Objective Management Group

Our team is certified to offer sales evaluation techniques and tools developed by Objective Management Group.objective-management-group.png
Using proven and industry leading methods and assessments that OMG has been pioneering and perfecting since 1989, we perform:

  • Pre-Screening Hiring evaluations that can help you eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople and sales managers.
  • Existing Sales Force evaluations and reports, with insight on how each individual, whether sales rep or VP of Sales, can increase their performance for your company.
  • Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (S.T.A.R.) – S.T.A.R. was written to assist CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the often difficult task of retaining top sales talent. The hiring system includes how to write the right ad, automation, the assessment, screening, interviewing, and bringing a new candidate on board in the right manner. We are trained and licensed to help you implement OMGs process that has been proven to hire managers and sales people that produce quota 95% of the time.