What We Do

Intelligent Conversations works hands on to help CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners  evaluate where they are now and identify what needs to change. Every business has its own unique challenges when it comes to its sales force. Because of this, we believe no two sales strategies are the same. Utilizing our proven, three-stage approach, we help companies implement proven systems and processes that create change in their organization. Here's what we can do for you: 



Sales Team Evaluations

shutterstock_162433697.jpgMost of our engagements begin with a Sales Force Evaluation, which provides an in-depth look at your sales people, systems, processes, and overall strategies. This helps answer the most difficult questions about sales team performance and provides a road map for planning an effective and meaningful program. It also established the baseline against which we can measure progress.

Sales Infrastructureshutterstock_156848789.jpg

Once we have a baseline and a road map for an effective sales force transformation program, we need to build a solid sales infrastructure.  Usually this involves developing a sales playbook, taking sales managers through our sales leadership program, addressing problems with current hiring criteria and building a virtual bench of sales talent, re-staging your sales pipeline, and resolving any misalignment with strategy.

 Sales Team Development

shutterstock_409133407.jpgOur development programs focus on sales fundamentals and build upon the sales playbook developed during the   infrastructure phase of an engagement.  We use Baseline Selling by Dave Kurlan as the foundation for our selling skills program and rely on effective sales management for reinforcement of the key principles being introduced.  Our development programs go beyond skills training and learning new selling tactics to include the fundamental Sales DNA issues that hold sales people back and prevent them from actually implementing the new skills they acquire.  Without this two-step approach, sales people will go through the training, learn the material on an intellectual level, but will not be able to consistently and effectively apply these new skills in live selling situations.  This is our key differentiator and is why you should avoid sales trainers who focus solely on skills development and selling techniques.

Accountability Coaching

For clients who do not currently have a sales manager in place (either because they are too small or becauseshutterstock_182086745.jpg they are in transition) or who need faster results while their sales managers are going through our sales leadership program, we offer accountability coaching.  This program is perfect for smaller sales teams that often report directly to the owner or CEO (who may lack the sales management skills and focus to drive growth).  In these cases, we assign a certified Intelligent Conversations Coach to work directly with sales people to provide a structured, one-on-one accountability coaching call every week as well as situational coaching as needed.

STAR Sales Hiring 

shutterstock_331290323.jpgHiring sales people is tough because even an average sales person can put on a good interview.  That is why we offer our rigorous Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) hiring program.  It is a disciplined approach to sales team selection that has produced a 92% success rate.  We offer this program in three different models.  First, we can teach it to you and then support you as you implement it as part of your hiring process.  Second, we can do it for you as a turn-key requisition (we have interviewed hundreds of sales people and sales leaders, so we are pretty good at it).  And third, we can run a hybrid approach where you run the program but bring us in for key phases (either sourcing and screening upfront or joining you in the final interviews, usually for sales leadership positions or other critical hires).