What We Do 

Companies that can effectively attract, select and retain top talent for every available position will be more valuable than companies that rely on good luck and the instincts of key hiring managers.  We help you improve this process and help you to get the right person for your role, as well as improve your sales hiring and train you on best practices for selection. 



We help clients create processes that drive consistency across their company when it comes to attracting, selecting, and retaining talent.  Too many companies take a haphazard, inconsistent approach where they leave it to the hiring manager to do whatever they think is best.  We help our clients implement and customize our best practices so they can use talent as a strategic growth driver for their business.




In some cases, our clients are just too busy to implement our best practices.  shutterstock_404586283.jpgMaybe they have an urgent need to fill a position and need help right away.  In other cases, they recognize that hiring does not need to be a core competency because they do it so infrequently.  Whatever the reason, we help our clients by taking over important hiring requisitions to make sure they get the right team member.  We are not headhunters.  Rather, we apply our best practices as an extension of your hiring team.  We work with you to understand your criteria, build a job scorecard, and then attract and interview the best candidates for the job.  In the end, we present a handful of well-vetted candidates for you to interview and make a final selection.

STAR Sales Hiring 

shutterstock_331290323.jpgHiring sales people is tough because even an average sales person can put on a good interview.  That is why we offer our rigorous Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) hiring program.  It is a disciplined approach to sales team selection that has produced a 92% success rate.  We offer this program in three different models.  First, we can teach it to you and then support you as you implement it as part of your hiring process.  Second, we can do it for you as a turn-key requisition (we have interviewed hundreds of sales people and sales leaders, so we are pretty good at it).  And third, we can run a hybrid approach where you run the program but bring us in for key phases (either sourcing and screening upfront or joining you in the final interviews, usually for sales leadership positions or other critical hires).

Topgrading Training

shutterstock_391381555.jpgWe work closely with Brad Smart and Geoff Smart on Topgrading projects and currently handle select clients in the United States as well as all clients and workshops in Latin America.  We also teach a Topgrading Masters course through the Gazelles Growth Institute on a quarterly basis and help growth companies adopt this best practice for selection.  And we use Topgrading ourselves as our business grows.  If you are interested in implementing this disciplined selection process at your company, we can help.


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